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Amerec ADK Automatic Drain Kit Perfect Cost

 Amerec ADK auto empty guide wonderful Cost

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Model : ADK
Product Type : Sauna Accessories
Category : Products
By : Amerec
Warranty : Five years parts, two years labor

List Price : $319.52
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Price as of : 01/22/2018 MDT

 Amerec ADK auto empty guide Sauna Accessories

  • The ADK automatic drain valve is compatible with AK and 3K series steam generators

Amerec ADK Automatic Drain Kit Perfect Cost

Sauna Accessories

Warranty : Five years parts, two years labor

Engineering provides you with the two utilizing Innovative "soft Steam" Element transforming To hold A Consistent And pleasant Bathing Environment, The AK Uses utmost ability To Quickly temperatures Up The Steam room To Its Preset Temperature; Then Cuts ability To Half Its Elements, Resulting In A even more Consistent Flow Of light Billowing Steam And More
Stable Temperature. The individual Factor Having The Greatest alter On Steam Bathing comfort Is Temperature Fluctuations. Comparative Testing Proves Superior performance utilizing "soft Steam" Element Switching, exceptional To Amerec AK Generators.Amerec ADK auto empty Option Features: AK Series Generators Come utilizing A Standard
guideline empty Valve utilizing An discretionary auto Flushing System. The ADK Auto empty Option Drains The Generator Tank Following each exact Steam Bath And Flushes waters through The Tank To cut down Sediment Build Up And deliver Longer Element Life. The Tank Remains Empty Until The Next Steam Bath, When The Tank Is Refilled utilizing Fresh waters For A even more Pleasant Bathing Experience. Also discover As: Saunatec ADK