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Kohler 20RESCL 100LC16 Air Cooled Standby Generator with 100 Amp Transfer Switch Single Phase, 20,000 Watt Cyber Monday 2017

 Kohler 20RESCL-100LC16 Air-Cooled Standby Generator by using 100 Amp copy Switch solitary Phase, 20,000-Watt Cyber Monday 2017

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Model : 20RESCL-100LC16
Product Type : Electronics Features
Category : Patio, Lawn & Garden
By : Kohler
Availability : Usually ships in 24 hours

Warranty : 5 year limited warranty

List Price : $4,619.00
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Price as of : 02/24/2018 MDT

 Kohler 20RESCL 100LC16 Air Cooled Electronics Features

  • 20,000-watt air-cooled generator automatically starts up when the power goes out
  • Includes 100 amp 16-circuit automatic transfer switch
  • Fast response--power to your home in 10 seconds; premium power quality; quiet operation
  • 100% corrosion-proof enclosure offers protection from even the harshest seaside conditions
  • Measures 48 by 26.2 by 29 inches; 5-year/2000-hour limited warranty, Battery type needed - Group 51
  • Warranty Coverage- Five (5) years from the registered startup date (or, if there is not a registered startup date, the date of purchase by the original end user) or 2,000 hours (whichever occurs first)

 Kohler 20RESCL 100LC16 Air Cooled Electronics Features
Of Extended ability Outages. Whether You're family home Or Away, Your KOHLER Generator Will Automatically Kick In Whenever The ability Goes Out, So Your daily life Can Go On not having Interruption. KOHLER Generators Have excellent continuous motor Starting Power, Response Time, ability Quality
 Kohler 20RESCL 100LC16 Air Cooled Electronics Features
And Warranty. KOHLER Introduced The Industry's 1st Corrosion-proof Enclosure For type And Protection From The Harshest Conditions. Our 14kW Generator Is So Advanced, It Was Named One Of Green Builder's very hot 50 items Of 2010 And An Architectural Top Pick
 Kohler 20RESCL 100LC16 Air Cooled Electronics Features
For 2011. And by using 90 Years Of Innovation In The Generator Industry, KOHLER Generators Are Trusted By Hospitals, Airports And climatic conditions Services For Their Back-up ability needs And Were Rated As The highest of quality Brand Of family home Generators By A Builder Magazine Independent Brand Study. Why Accept Anything Less For Your family home And Family.

 Kohler 20RESCL 100LC16 Air Cooled Electronics Features

Kohler Generator
Protect family home and family home from the effects of extended ability outages.
Kohler Generator

Kohler Generator
20,000-watt air-cooled generator comes by using a 100 amp 16-circuit semi-automatic or fully automatic copy switch.

Kohler Generator
No desire to interrupt your daily routine--Kohler generators retain the ability on perhaps even when it's storming outside.
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Kohler 20RESAL-100 20,000-Watt Air-Cooled Standby Generator

This Kohler 20RESAL-100 generator allows protect your home, family, and lifestyle from the effects of extended ability outages. Whether family home or away, experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the generator will automatically kick in whenever the ability goes out. The generator provides excellent motor-starting power, effective 10-second response time, and ability quality, plus its corrosion-proof enclosure protects against the harshest conditions.

Used by hospitals, airports, and climatic conditions services, Kohler generators give excellent reliability and high-quality performance. The 20RESAL-100 generator comes by using a 100 amp 16-circuit semi-automatic or fully automatic copy switch.

The Kohler Advantage

Premium ability Quality

+/-1% voltage regulation and less than 5% harmonic distortions protects your the majority of sophisticated electronics from damage.

Powerful Performance

Exclusive POWERBOOST systems make it probable for you to manage central air and additional good sized appliances all by the same time* (*Based on generator and load size).*

Corrosion-Proof Enclosure

Protection from perhaps even the harshest conditions.

Fast Response

Automatically restores ability in as little as 10 seconds.

Quiet Operation

Low decibel degrees – similar to central air unit and rated according to EGSA (Electrical Generating products Association) standards.

Standard Features

DC2 Controller
  • One digital controller manages both equally the generator set and Model RXT copy switch functions
  • Designed for today's the majority of sophisticated electronics
  • Electronic speed command responds quickly to varying household demand
  • Digital voltage regulation protects your susceptible electronics from harmonic distortions and unstable ability quality
  • Two-line, backlit LCD indicate is straightforward and easy to read, perhaps even in direct sunlight or low light
Kohler Command PRO Engine Features
  • Kohler Command PRO OHV engine by using hydraulic valve lifters for reliable functioning not having routine valve adjustment or lengthy break-in requirements
  • Powerful, reliable air-cooled performance
  • Simple field conversion between genuine gas and LPG fuels while maintaining emission certification
Designed for straightforward and easy Installation
  • Polymer base eliminates the desire for a concrete mounting pad, reducing installation time and cost
  • Hinged, locking roof
  • Fuel and electrical connections with the enclosure wall eliminate the desire for stub-ups with the bottom
  • Load connection terminal block make it probable for straightforward and easy field wiring
  • Designed for outdoor installation only
Model RXT copy Switch
  • Select 100 amp RXT ATS by using load focus and NEMA 1 metal enclosure or 200 amp standard RXT ATS by using NEMA 3R alloy enclosure
  • Meets emission regulations for CA 2011 and later on LSI engines (14RESAL only) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) phase 2 small off-road engines by using both equally LPG and genuine gas
  • UL 2200 listed (60 Hz model)
  • CSA qualifications for sale (60 Hz model)
  • Approved for stationary standby functions in locations served by a reliable utility source

Alternator Features

  • Compliance by using NEMA, IEEE, and ANSI measures for temperature rise
  • Self-ventilated and dripproof construction
  • Vacuum-impregnated windings by using fungus-resistant epoxy varnish for dependability and much time life
  • Superior voltage waveform and minimum harmonic distortions from skewed alternator construction
  • Digital voltage regulator by using plus/minus 1.0% no-load to full-load RMS regulation
  • Rotating-field alternator by using static exciter for superb load response

DC2 Controller Features

The DC2 controller provides built-in command for the generator set, Kohler Model RXT copy switch, programmable interface portion (PIM), and load command portion (LCM) The DC2 controller's 2-line LCD indicate provides a clear, easy-to-read indicate of status sales messages perhaps even in direct sunlight or low light.

  • Off, Auto, Run, and Exercise pushbuttons
  • LED indicators for Off, Auto, Run, and Exercise modes
  • LCD display:
    -- Two lines x 16 characters per series
    -- Backlit indicate by using versatile number for superb visibility
  • Scrolling system status display

  • -- Generator set status
    -- Voltage and frequency
    -- Engine temperature
    -- Oil demand
    -- Battery voltage
    -- Engine runtime hours
    -- Maintenance reminders
    -- OnCue status (connected/disconnected)
  • Date and time displays
  • Smart engine cooldown senses engine temperature
  • Digital isochronous governor to retain steady-state speed by all loads
  • Digital voltage regulation: ±1.0% RMS no-load to full-load
  • Automatic start by using programmed cranking cycle
  • Exercise modes
    -- Unloaded weekly exercise by using total system diagnostics
    -- Unloaded full-speed exercise
    -- Loaded full-speed exercise (Model RXT ATS required)
  • Front-access miniature USB connector for SiteTech connection
  • Front entry mini-breaker protects the alternator
  • Integral Ethernet connector for Kohler OnCue
  • Built-in 2.5 amp battery charger
  • Remote two-wire start/stop capability for non-obligatory connection of Model RDT or RSB copy switches
  • Diagnostic sales messages
    -- Displays diagnostic sales messages for the engine, generator set, model RXT copy switch, and non-obligatory programmable interface portion (PIM) and load command portion (LCM)
    -- with 70 diagnostic sales messages can be displayed
  • A laptop computer and Kohler SiteTech software can be used to change system options or upgrade controller firmware
Standard Generator Set Features
  • ATS: Model RXT semi-automatic or fully automatic copy switch
  • Battery cables
  • Braided stainless metal manageable fuel line
  • CARB (14RESAL only) and EPA-certified fuel system
  • Corrosion-proof polymer noise enclosure
  • Critical silencer
  • DC2 generator set/ATS controller
  • Field-connection terminal block
  • Fuel solenoid valve and secondary regulator
  • Line circuit breaker:
    14RESAL: 70 amps
    20RESAL: 100 amps
  • Multi-fuel system, LPG/natural gas, field-convertible
  • Oil demand extension by using shutoff valve
  • Premium 5-year restrained warranty
  • 18-month restrained warranties for non-standby (off-grid) functions (14RESAL only)
  • Rodent-resistant construction
  • Sound-deadening, flame-retardant expanded polystyrene per UL 94, class HF-1
Model RXT copy Switch
  • UL listed
  • 240 VAC/60 Hz
  • Withstand evaluation 10,000 amps by using specified breakers
  • The following copy switch models are now for sale by using the 14RESAL and 20RESAL:
    -- 100 amp RXT by using load focus and NEMA 1 metal enclosure for indoor installation
    -- 200 amp standard RXT by using corrosion-resistant NEMA 3R alloy enclosure for indoor or outdoor installation
  • Designed for use only by using Kohler generator sets equipped by using the RDC2 or DC2 controller

* Check the appliance manufacturer's specifications for actual ability requirements. Consult a Kohler ability products professional to calculate your exact residential ability system requirements.